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Darcy Lecture Series 2010


February 9: Penn State University

I was supposed to arrive in College Station on Monday (Feb. 8) but my flight from Salt Lake City was delayed and I missed my connection in Detroit. After a night at a hotel near the Detroit airport I tried to catch an early flight to College Station. However, by now a winter storm had set in and my flight was significantly delayed. Although the flight did eventually go, I unfortunately didn't get there in time for the scheduled lecture time at noon.

Kamini picked me up at the airport, and she had rescheduled the talk for later in the afternoon. So we had time for a quick lunch and to get checked in at the campus hotel (the Nittany Lion Inn). Because of the last-minute reschedule, many people were unable to make it to the lecture so it was a small group (about 20 in attendance). However, because of the small size of the audience it was a very comfortable and interactive talk (Black Box). Afterward we went out to dinner at Zola's with another small group of faculty that were hosting another guest lecturer from the University of Washington.

I was originally supposed to leave College Station that evening to go to Toledo OH, but because of the weather delays I obviously did not make it for that flight. As it turned out, the University of Toledo had cancelled classes for the next day, so I would have been unable to give the lecture there anyway. So I rescheduled for a flight on Wednesday morning to Lansing. However, that morning I discovered the flight had been cancelled so I had most of the day at Penn State, and had a chance to meet with other students and faculty including Bill Burgos and Li Li. I finally caught a flight in the late afternoon and made it as far as Detroit before getting stuck there for my second unplanned stay there that week.

The room for the rescheduled lecture

The Nittany Lion Inn

Statue of legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno

A snow-covered "Nittany Lion"