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Darcy Lecture Series 2010


February 5: University of Colorado Boulder

We arrived in Boulder late the evening of the 4th (from Fort Collins) and checked into the hotel. As we pulled into the hotel I noticed an "idiot light" on the dash indicating that one of the tires was low. Upon inspection I heard a hissing sound, but it was too late to do anything about it then. In the morning, sure enough, the tire was flat. A call to the rental car company led to a repairman coming and changing the flat, and fortunately the problem was solved without losing too much time.

Hari met me at the hotel in the morning and was there as the tire repair was wrapped up. We then drove to campus, and took a short tour of the engineering building. I met with Hari and then got a tour of Joanne Silverstein's lab (her group is working on acid mine drainage bioremediation). The lecture (Black Box) was held at 12:00. A number of people from the USGS office came over, including Mary Hill as well as bacterial transport colleagues Ron Harvey and Dave Metge. Lynn Bennethum also made the trip up from Denver to see the lecture, since I had given my other lecture in Denver earlier in the week.

After the lecture, we went to lunch with Hari and Roseanna Neupauer, then I had a meeting with several students in the afternoon before heading out to the airport.

Flat tire on rental car

One of the beautiful views on campus

Getting ready for the lecture

Angela with Hari and Roseanna after lunch