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Darcy Lecture Series 2010


January 14: University of Georgia

I flew on the 13th from Houghton MI to Atlanta, and then drove to the UGA campus in Athens GA. I met Christof on campus and we went to dinner in the downtown area adjacent to campus (sushi!). I then followed Christof to his home about 20 min. outside of town, in a beautiful forest setting. Christof and his wife (Mandy Joye) are both on the marine sciences faculty and have a sweet toddler daughter.

The next day I unfortunately woke up with a head cold, so we stopped and got some medications on the way to campus. The morning was full of meetings with students and faculty, followed by the lecture (Black Box) at 12:30. Other than my nasal-sounding voice, the lecture (Black Box) went well and there was much discussion and interest. Gene Whelan, a longtime member of the Hydrology Group at PNNL and now with EPA in Athens, was at the lecture and we got to greet one another. After the lecture Christof took me to lunch at a Cuban restaurant and then we had a few more meetings in the afternoon. Since I wasn't feeling great we just got take-out on the way home and I went to bed early. Fortunately by the morning I began to feel much better already so the travel home wasn't too miserable.

View from the flight between Houghton and Minneapolis

Driving to Athens GA

The campus gate at the University of Georgia.

The beautiful setting at the home of Christof and Mandy.