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Darcy Lecture Series 2010


January 8: Florida International University

Because of the cancelled flight the evening before, I had to get up at 3:00 AM to catch an early flight to Atlanta (where there was snow!) and on to Miami.

Mike and Xavier (one of his research associates) met me at the airport and we drove over to the campus. After a few meetings and lunch at the faculty club we headed out to get some fresh air. First stop was a well field being installed to study surface water / ground water interactions near a tidally-influenced canal. Then we took a drive out to the edge of the Everglades and snapped a few photos.

The talk was in the late afternoon and drew a good crowd. It was followed by an informal reception in the courtyard. Afterward I went to dinner with several people at a very authentic (and tasty!) Chinese restaurant called Lung Gong.

Snow at the Atlanta airport

Mike and Xavier talking with a well driller at the field site

At the edge of the Everglades

Dinner at Lung Gong

Relaxing after the lecture...